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The lid keeps coming off my tumbler after a few hours. What am I doing wrong?
Most likely the lid is either not seated properly or the knurled nut is overtightened. Clean the edge of the lid and the shoulder inside the barrel well. Make sure the lid fits down against the shoulder. Install the outer lid evenly and firmly. Tighten the black plastic knurled nut finger tight. The stud doesn't need to project through the nut - leave a couple of threads showing. If the nut is overtightened it can actually pull the lid off the shoulder and cause it to leak. NEVER use any kind of tool to tighten the nut.

How can I get that wet-look polish on my stones?
Keep in mind that not all stones will polish to the same degree. Most high polishes are the result of a lot of trial and error. You'll find that what works for someone else won't always work for you but there are several things you can do to improve any finish. First, always make sure you clean the stones and the barrel thoroughly between steps. Contamination is the number 1 cause of poor results. Check your stones in the pre-polish stage several times. Remove any that have chips as the sharp edges can scratch other stones. Also make sure to remove any small chips floating around. Use plastic pellets during the pre-polish and polish stages. They help to reduce chipping and are especially valuable on softer stones. Take your time in the pre-polish stage. This prepares the stones for the final polish and, if rushed, will lead to a less glossy finish. Finally, don't be afraid to experiment. Try Aluminum Oxide, Cerium Oxide, or Tin Oxide until you find one that works best for you.

I'm using my tumbler for burnishing Silver jewelry and find that I get a lot of black tarnish on my work. This is worse than before! Help!
Not all burnishing solutions are compatible with rubber barrels. This applies to burnishing soap, Tide, Liquid detergents and other compounds. It's made even worse by high concentrations. Unfortunately, there are many types of burnishing compounds available and we can't test much less keep up with them all.

We  don't recommend anything greater than 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. To prevent the black tarnish and damage to the barrel, cut back the amount of burnishing soap you're now using. If you still get the tarnish - switch to a different compound.

What type of oil do I use to lubricate the bearings?
We recommend using one drop of lightweight lubricating oil, such as sewing machine oil, every 30 days of operation.

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