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Slab Saws
Lortone slab saws are meticulously designed and constructed for long life and ease of operation.
Designed for use with oil as a coolant to deliver the best in cutting speed and blade life.

This quiet, fully enclosed, professional quality
12" saw is a real workhorse. It features a fixed
rate power feed with full hinged hood to reduce
oil mist. Large capacity vise can hold up to
4" x 7" rough. The coolant tray detaches for
easy cleaning. Includes 12" Blade and 1/3 hp motor. Use with Oil only!

Model LS12C
#053-093 - $1,580.00

Instructions & Manuals Click here

A rugged, accurate, economical 18" slab saw proven by years of trouble free performance
in commercial operations. The frame, drive
guard, and tank are of heavy gauge welded
steel. The side window allows convenient
monitoring of the cut. Adjustable feed rate
of 9 1/2" to 19 1/4" per hour. Large cast
aluminum vise opens to 7" and rolls smoothly
on steel carriage ways. Includes cutoff and
safety switches, sealed ball bearings, 3/4" arbor,
and 2" drain. Complete with 18" standard blade
and 1/2 hp heavy duty motor.
Use with Oil only!

Model LS18
#055-090 - $3,800.00

Instructions & Manuals Click here

LSS-14P Panther
This 14" high-performance slab saw cuts the hardest agate at twice the speed of standard saws. Features a 14" premium blade and fast fixed rate power feed of 17 inches per hour. Sealed high-performance bearings and rugged 5" x 6 1/2" capacity vise are standard. Complete with 14" Blade and 1/2 hp motor.
Use with Oil only!

Model LSS-14P
#058-090 - $ 1,890.00

Instructions & Manuals Click here

Rock Cutting Oil - Odorless !!
Protect your blade and saw!! This ultra-pure mineral oil is a must for slab saws and is an ideal lapidary coolant.  Low viscosity reduces friction and lubricates screw-feed mechanisms. 1 gallon.

Oilsmallgif.gif (14588 bytes)
Cutting Oil
#086-010 - $34.50

Slab Saw Buying Tips

1) Decide what you need
Are you planning on slabbing small to moderate sized geodes and rough? A 10" or 12" saw with power feed will work well.   Do you need to cut large cross sections on a production basis?   Choose an 18" variable feed saw.

2) Realize that there are trade-offs
Understand that every rock will cut differently and that every customer demands different results.  Thin blades will wander more than heavier, sturdier blades.  Hard rock demands premium oil coolant.   Fast feed rates can mean greater chance of blade damage if something slips or breaks during the cut.  Do some homework and be willing to sacrifice some things to get what's really important.

3) Pay attention to the blade
Before any other components, go for the best blade that you can afford. The blade will dictate the resulting smoothness and flatness and is crucial in getting a good cut.

Note: Using water or water soluble oils in these saws will result in unsatisfactory performance in
most cases. Oil not only provides coolant for the blade but also lubricates the feed mechanism.
Use water at your own risk!

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