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Oscillating Laps

For producing flat surfaces easily there’s nothing like an oscillating lap!

Our redesigned laps use a precision
shaft-driven offset that produces a true orbital action of over 1300 cycles per minute. Get flat, smooth surfaces on geodes, bookends and slabs quickly
and quietly, without the bounce and splash of ordinary vibrating laps.

Our innovative elastomer support system eliminates all of the old-fashioned lap parts - no more springs, balls or cables! The heavy gauge welded steel frame provides great stability and won’t walk around on the floor or bench.

Includes cast aluminum grind and polish pans. Comes with heavy-duty bearings,
1/6 HP motor & easy to level adjustable feet.

15" Lap
#030-290 - $ 890.00

20" Lap
#030-291 - $ 995.00

Ships by Motor Freight Only.

Export models available (AU, EU, UK).

Lapping Grit Kit
Includes 1lb each of 220 & 600 grit and
Tin Oxide Polish.
#590-033 - $61.50

Lapping Tips !!

Start with a good cut. Nothing takes longer than trying to remove saw marks. Get your saw and blade tuned up and you will see a dramatic drop in your lapping times.

Use fresh grit. As the rocks grind down, the grit gets contaminated with rock dust and becomes less effective. By changing your grit every 4-8 hours you'll get maximum cutting efficiency.

Keep Everything Clean!! We can't stress this enough. Any grit that is carried over to a finer stage will cause scratches and prevent the stones from polishing. Make sure that there are no small rock chips or other items on the polish pad. Even household dirt can ruin an otherwise good finish. Keep your polish pan in a plastic bag.

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